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My past research has examined problems in vehicle routing/scheduling, revenue management, auction of transportation services, inter-vehicle communication, multimodal transportation, trucker/shipper behavior, and traffic control and urban network optimization. The goal of my research is to advance understanding of the transportation system in terms of efficiency, reliability/resiliency and sustainability in a dynamic and stochastic context.

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Academic Articles25
  • Ma, C., Peng, Y., Wu, L., Guo, X., Wang, X., & Kong, X. (2022). Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict the Occurrence of Distraction-affected Crashes with Phone-Use Data. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. 2676(2), 692-705.
  • Meng, Y. i., Wu, L., Ma, C., Guo, X., & Wang, X. B. (2022). A comparative analysis of intersection hotspot identification: Fixed vs. varying dispersion parameters in negative binomial models. Journal of Transportation Safety & Security. 14(2), 305-322.
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  • Xiao, X., Zhang, Y., Wang, X. B., Yang, S., & Chen, T. (2021). Hierarchical Longitudinal Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic on a Signalized Arterial. Sustainability. 13(16), 8852-8852.
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  • Miao, Q., Li, Y., & Wang, X. B. (2018). RESTAURANT RESERVATION MANAGEMENT CONSIDERING TABLE COMBINATION. Pesquisa Operacional. 38(1), 73-86.
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  • Wang, X. B., Li, Y., Quadrifoglio, L., & Yin, K. (2018). Distribution product packaging to maximize net revenue. Computers & Industrial Engineering. 121, 150-160.
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  • Wang, X., & Meng, Q. (2007). Outsourcing and third-party logistics. Logistics Engineering Handbook. 27-1-27-13.
Conference Papers1
  • Li, Y., & Wang, X. (2005). Integration of Fleet Assignment and Aircraft Routing. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. 1915(1915), 79-84.
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