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Giant Resonances in Ca-40 and Ca-48 | Conference Paper individual record

We present results of fully self-consistent Hartree-Fock based random phase approximation calculations of the centroid energies ECEN of isoscalar (T = 0) and isovector (T = 1) giant resonances of multipolarities L = 0-3 in 40Ca and 48Ca, using a wide range of commonly employed Skyrme type nucleon-nucleon effective interactions. We determined the sensitivities of ECEN and of the isotopic differences E CEN(48Ca)-ECEN(40Ca) to physical quantities, such as nuclear matter incompressibility coefficient, symmetry energy density and effective mass, associated with the Skyrme interactions. We compare the results with the available experimental data, in particular, with the recent data indicating that the ISGMR centroid energy in 48Ca is somewhat higher than in 40Ca.

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Anders, M. R., & Shlomo, S.
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