Two new species of Paramisophria (Copepoda, Calanoida, Arietellidae) from anchialine ca yes on the Canary and Galápagos Islands | Academic Article individual record

Two new species of Paramisophria, P. reducta from the Jameos del Agua lava tube, Lan- zarote and P. galapagensis from an anchialine fissure on Santa Cruz, are the first records of cavemicolous arietellid copepods. They have several advanced characters compared with their congeners, but also exhibit plesiomorphic characters such as the lack of dorsal processes on the last prosomal somite. These species may be derived from neritic hyper- benthic ancestral forms which first invaded caves. An emended diagnosis is given for the genus Paramisophria. © 1993 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Ohtsuka, S., Fosshagen, A., & Iliffe, T. M.
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Sarsia Journal
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