Enhancing Renal Lymphatic Expansion Prevents Hypertension in Mice | Academic Article individual record

RATIONALE: Hypertension is associated with renal infiltration of activated immune cells; however, the role of renal lymphatics and immune cell exfiltration is unknown. OBJECTIVE: We tested the hypotheses that increased renal lymphatic density is associated with 2 different forms of hypertension in mice and that further augmenting renal lymphatic vessel expansion prevents hypertension by reducing renal immune cell accumulation. METHODS AND RESULTS: Mice with salt-sensitive hypertension or nitric oxide synthase inhibition-induced hypertension exhibited significant increases in renal lymphatic vessel density and immune cell infiltration associated with inflammation. Genetic induction of enhanced lymphangiogenesis only in the kidney, however, reduced renal immune cell accumulation and prevented hypertension. CONCLUSIONS: These data demonstrate that renal lymphatics play a key role in immune cell trafficking in the kidney and blood pressure regulation in hypertension.

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Lopez Gelston, C. A., Balasubbramanian, D., Abouelkheir, G. R., Lopez, A. H., Hudson, K. R., Johnson, E. R., ... Rutkowski, J. M.
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