Ammonia concentration and modeled emission rates from a beef cattle feedyard | Conference Paper individual record

Ambient NH3 concentrations were measured at a beef cattle CAFO during the spring and summer months of 2007. Concentrations were measured every five minutes, 24-hours per day at a sample intake height of 3.3 m using a chemiluminescence analyzer. On site weather data was collected concurrently. Emission rates were estimated using a backward Lagrangian Stochastic model (WindTrax Mean 24-hr concentrations for spring were 0.498, 0.597 and 0.568 ppm for March, April and May, respectively. Corresponding fluxes for March, April and May were 57.76, 123.10 and 86.34 ̈g m-2 sec -1, respectively. Summer mean ambient concentrations were 0.684, 0.702 and 0.568 ppm for June, July and August, respectively. Summer fluxes were 85.27, 75.06 and 71.56 ̈g m-2sec-1 for June, July and August, respectively.

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Rhoades, M. B., Auvermann, B. W., Cole, N. A., Todd, R., Parker, D. B., Caraway, E. A., Schuster, G., & Spears, J.
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