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Photometric measurement of ground-level fugitive dust emissions from concentrated animal feeding operations | Conference Paper individual record

Fugitive dust from confined livestock operations is a primary air quality issue and is associated with nuisance odor and impaired visibility. Particulate matter has conventionally been measured using costly scientific instruments such as transmissometers, nephelometers, or TEOMs. The use of digital imaging and automated data acquisition systems has become a standard practice in many states to evaluate visibility conditions on roadways, and the use of digital video cameras for this purpose has been extensively described. However, the concept of using photometry to measure fugitive dust concentrations near confined livestock operations is relatively new. We have developed a photometric method to estimate particulate matter (PM10) concentrations using digital SLR cameras and high-contrast visibility targets. Digital imaging provides a cost-effective and practical alternative for operators of confined livestock facilities to monitor onOsite dust concentrations. We report on the development and preliminary evaluation of a photometric method to predict ground-level particulate matter concentrations downwind of concentrated livestock operations. We also report how this new photometric method was deployed alongside an array of TEOMs and used to estimate PM10 concentrations near a commercial cattle feedyard and an open-lot dairy.

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Sakirkin, S., Auvermann, B. W., Kwon, T., Marek, G. W., Heflin, K., & Bush, K. J.
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