Is Building Construction Approaching the Threshold of Becoming Unsustainable?: A System Theoretic Exploration towards a Post-Forrester Model for Taming Unsustainable Exponentialoids | Book individual record

This book is a bold attempt to tackle a broad, difficult and important topic: sustainability in construction. At the outset, it marshals a large amount of insights and understanding from prior literature to bear on the focused topic. Given the extraordinary nature of the problem, the author is compelled to create a specific methodology, up to the task. The analysis leads to a redefinition of the concept of sustainability, and to a suggested method for ascertaining the requirements set by sustainability targets to construction. This is a well-justified, pragmatic method, which has face value and shows promise. All in all, the book is of interest not only through the suggested method, but also as a synthesis of facts, thinking and understanding related to sustainability in construction.Professor Lauri Koskela, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, UK.

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Fernandez-Solis, J. L.
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