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Battery-constrained coverage | Conference Paper individual record

© 2016 IEEE. In this work, we present a behavioral modeling framework and coverage behavior that accounts for a battery constraint. This framework allows a user to model robot teams performing common robotic tasks such as exploration. It uses roadmap-based methods that identify the available paths in potentially complex environments. We present a coverage strategy that accounts for the available battery. It allows the agent to calculate a path through an environment that maximizes coverage and allows the agent to get back to a charging location. This eliminates the need to decide when to return to a charging location based on a threshold, as related methods do. It considers the actual path length as opposed to Euclidean distance which is generally used for estimating the energy spent in traversing a path. Different path scoring functions are used to score the path generated.

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Mishra, S., Rodriguez, S., Morales, M., & Amato, N. M.
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