A Comparative Study of Indentation Deformation Fields in Porous Ductile and Brittle Solids | Conference Paper individual record

© ASCE. Increased usage of porous solids in the aerospace, automobile and infrastructure sectors necessitates understanding of the mechanics of large deformation processes. We present the results of a comparative experimental study of evolving deformation fields in porous brittle and porous ductile solids under plane-strain indentation. Gypsum (porosity = 37%) and sintered copper (porosity = 15%) have been used as model materials. A wedge indenter with apical angle of 120° was used to perform the indentation experiments. Images of the region surrounding the indenter were captured using a high-speed camera and microscope assembly. Images captured during the experiments were analysed using particle image velocimetry (PIV) algorithm in order to obtain velocity, strain-rate and strain field maps. Studies using indentation platforms provide a theoretical backing for many manufacturing processes such as drilling and machining.

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Yadav, S., Sagapuram, D., & Murthy, T. G.
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