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Johnson, Natalie individual record
Assistant Professor

My research focuses on evaluating exposure to air pollutants in susceptible populations, such as pregnant women and children, and investigating mechanisms underlying prenatal air pollution exposure and offspring respiratory dysfunction.

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  • Phillips, T. D., Afriyie-Gyawu, E., Williams, J., Huebner, H., Ankrah, N., Ofori-Adjei, D., ... Wang, J. (2008). Reducing human exposure to aflatoxin through the use of clay: A review. Food Additives and Contaminants. 25(2), 134-145.
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  • Han, C., Ren, B., Nadagouda, M. N., Romanos, G., Falaras, P., Lim, T. T., ... Dionysiou, D. D. (2016). Nanotechnology applications. Sustainable Water Technologies. (pp. 105-143). CRC Press.
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