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We combine sensitive biophysical techniques such as single-molecule fluorescence and force-spectroscopy with mechanistic modeling and molecular genetics to study bacterial motility, adaptability and antibiotic resistance.

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  • Yang, J., Chawla, R., Rhee, K. Y., Gupta, R., Manson, M. D., Jayaraman, A., & Lele, P. P. (2020). Biphasic chemotaxis of Escherichia coli to the microbiota metabolite indole.. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES. 201916974-201916974.
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  • Chawla, R., Gupta, R., Lele, T. P., & Lele, P. P. (2019). A skeptic's guide to bacterial mechanosensing.. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY.
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  • Lele, P. P. (2018). Quantitative modeling of flagellar motor-mediated adaptation. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). 1729, 347-352.
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  • Ford, K. M., Antani, J. D., Nagarajan, A., Johnson, M. M., & Lele, P. P. (2018). Switching and Torque Generation in Swarming E. coli. Frontiers in Microbiology. 9, 2197.
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  • Ford, K. M., Chawla, R., & Lele, P. P. (2017). Biophysical characterization of flagellar motor functions. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 2017(119),
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  • Chawla, R., Ford, K. M., & Lele, P. P. (2017). Torque, but not FliL, regulates mechanosensitive flagellar motor-function. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 7(1), 5565.
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  • Diethmaier, C., Chawla, R., Canzoneri, A., Kearns, D. B., Lele, P. P., & Dubnau, D. (2017). Viscous drag on the flagellum activates Bacillus subtilis entry into the K-state. Mol Microbiol. 106(3), 367-380.
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  • Lele, P. P., Roland, T., Shrivastava, A., Chen, Y., & Berg, H. C. (2016). The flagellar motor of Caulobacter crescentus generates more torque when a cell swims backwards. Nature Physics. 12(2), 175-178.
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  • Shrivastava, A., Lele, P. P., & Berg, H. C. (2015). A rotary motor drives Flavobacterium gliding. Current biology : CB. 25(3), 338-341.
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  • Lele, P. P., Shrivastava, A., Roland, T., & Berg, H. C. (2015). Response thresholds in bacterial chemotaxis. Science advances. 1(9), e1500299-e1500299.
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  • Lele, P. P., & Siems, M. M. (2009). Shareholder protection: A leximetric approach. Corporate Governance and Development: Reform, Financial Systems and Legal Frameworks. (pp. 143-175).
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