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River channel dynamics

Biomorphodynamics in river landscapes

Impacts of environmental change on river systems

Remote sensing of rivers

selected publications
Academic Articles16
  • Legleiter, C. J., Pavelsky, T., Durand, M., Allen, G. H., Tarpanelli, A., Frasson, R., Guneralp, I., & Woodget, A. (2020). Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing of Flow Velocity, Channel Bathymetry, and River Discharge. Remote Sensing. 12(14), 2304-2304.
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  • Yi, H., Gneralp, B., Kreuter, U. P., Gneralp, . ., & Filippi, A. M. (2018). Spatial and temporal changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services in the San Antonio River Basin, Texas, from 1984 to 2010.. Sci Total Environ. 619-620, 1259-1271.
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  • Yi, H., Gneralp, B., Filippi, A. M., Kreuter, U. P., & Gneralp, . . (2017). Impacts of Land Change on Ecosystem Services in the San Antonio River Basin, Texas, from 1984 to 2010. Ecological Economics. 135(C), 125-135.
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  • Gneralp, B., Gneralp, . ., & Liu, Y. (2015). Changing global patterns of urban exposure to flood and drought hazards. Global Environmental Change. 31, 217-225.
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  • Zhu, L., Quiring, S. M., Guneralp, I., & Peacock, W. G. (2015). Variations in tropical cyclone-related discharge in four watersheds near Houston, Texas. Climate Risk Management. 7, 1-10.
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  • Gneralp, _., & Rhoads, B. (2006). The spatial structure of planform dynamics of meandering rivers. River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. Taylor & Francis.
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Conference Papers3
  • Hecher, J., Filippi, A., Guneralp, I., & Paulus, G. (2015). Extracting River Features from Remotely Sensed Data: An Evaluation of Thematic Correctness. GI_Forum 2013 Creating the GISociety, GI_Forum 2013 - Creating the GISociety. 2013, 187-196.
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  • nci, G., & Rhoads, B. L. (2009). Planform change and stream power in the Kishwaukee River watershed, Illinois: Geomorphic assessment for environmental management. MANAGEMENT AND RESTORATION OF FLUVIAL SYSTEMS WITH BROAD HISTORICAL CHANGES AND HUMAN IMPACTS. 451, 109-118.
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  • Tikotekar, A., Valle, G., Naughton, T., Ong, H., Engelmann, C., Scott, S. L., & Filippi, A. M. (2008). Effects of virtualization on a scientific application running a hyperspectral radiative transfer code on virtual machines. Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on System-level virtualization for high performance computing - HPCVirt '08, the 2nd workshop. 16-23.
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