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We are interested in developing data mining and machine learning algorithms with theoretical properties to better discover actionable patterns from large-scale, networked, dynamic and sparse data. Our research is directly motivated by, and contributes to, applications in social informatics, health informatics and information security.

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Academic Articles15
  • Beigi, G., Hu, X., Maciejewski, R., & Liu, H. (2016). An overview of sentiment analysis in social media and its applications in disaster relief. Studies in Computational Intelligence. Studies in Computational Intelligence. (pp. 313-340). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Wu, L., Morstatter, F., Hu, X., & Liu, H. (2016). Mining misinformation in social media. Big Data in Complex and Social Networks. (pp. 125-152). Chapman and Hall/CRC.
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  • Hu, X., & Liu, H. (2012). Text analytics in social media. Mining Text Data. (pp. 385-414). Springer Us.
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Conference Papers78
  • Liu, N., Yang, H., & Hu, X. (2018). Adversarial detection with model interpretation. 1803-1811.
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  • Hu, X. (2018). Contextual outlier interpretation. 21ST INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (IJCAI-09), PROCEEDINGS. 2018-July, 2461-2467.
  • Huang, X., Song, Q., Li, J., & Hu, X. (2018). Exploring expert cognition for atributed network embedding. 2018-Febuary, 270-278.
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  • Zhu, Z., Hu, X., & Caverlee, J. (2018). Fairness-aware tensor-based recommendation. 1153-1162.
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  • Liu, N., Huang, X., Li, J., & Hu, X. (2018). On interpretation of network embedding via taxonomy induction. 1812-1820.
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