A versatile electronic system for processing and quantifying neuronal impulse activity | Academic Article individual record

This paper describes the basic design and provides detailed circuit diagrams for a multiple channel electronic system that has several modes of operation for processing nerve impulse activity, as recorded either from single neurons or from small populations of neurons. For each data channel (8 in the prototype), nerve impulses can be introduced directly or through a high pass active filter. The first stage of processing provides both half wave rectification and differentiation, and both modes feature adjustable gain and voltage discrimination level. For quantification, the rectified or a pulsed discriminator output from the differentiator is hard wired into a 'R C' (continuous analog) integrator and into a cumulative integrator. The cumulative integrator can be set to develop a ramp output, which resets with a pulsed output either at a fixed voltage level or at a fixed time interval.

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Klemm, W. R., Maertens, B., & Dreyfus, L. R.
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