Accommodating religion to modern neuroscience | Academic Article individual record

© 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Science and religion commonly reside in either an awkward peaceful co-existence or in bitter conflict. That conflict emerges especially in college students as they acquire knowledge about physical, biological, and social sciences. Most college students bring their shallow childhood religious instruction to their college classes. Neuroscience can help students realise how their religious views are affected by their biology, conditioning, experiences, culture, education, emotions, and cognitive processes. In turn, religion can provide world views that challenge neuroscience and remind us of how much remains unknown and may even be unknowable. This report summarises the author’s three semesters’ experience of teaching an upper-division undergraduate essay and discussion course in which students discover how neuroscience and religion inform each other.

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Klemm, W. R.
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