Genetic analysis of the gene for porcine submaxillary gland mucin: physical assignment of the MUC and interferon gamma genes to chromosome 5. | Academic Article individual record

Genetic variation at the porcine submaxillary gland mucin (MUC) locus was revealed by RFLP analysis. A three-allele system was defined, and codominant inheritance was confirmed using a three-generation pedigree comprising 10 founder individuals, 26 F1 animals, and 200 F2 offspring. Linkage analysis was performed against a set of 56 genetic markers. The mucin locus was assigned to a previously reported linkage group comprising the markers interferon gamma (IFNG), diacylglycerol kinase (DAGK), and an anonymous microsatellite (S0092). Furthermore, the genes for mucin and interferon gamma were physically localized to porcine chromosome 5q2.3 and 5p1.2-q1.1 by fluorescence and radioactive in situ hybridization, respectively, thereby assigning four new markers to chromosome 5. This chromosome shares homologies with chromosome 5 in cattle and chromosome 12 in humans.

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Johansson, M., Chowdhary, B., Gu, F., Ellegren, H., Gustavsson, I., & Andersson, L.
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