A new class of materials suitable for two-photon 3D optical data storage | Conference Paper individual record

The synthesis and photochemical reaction of N-benzoyl oxazines was investigated. The materials were found to be photosensitive and capable of generating oxazine dye upon light irradiation. The early step of the reaction may include homolytical bond cleavage between the oxazine nitrogen and benzoyl carbon atoms via an excited singlet state and formation of oxazine and benzoyl radicals. Subsequent reaction steps include disproportionation of the oxazine dimer species formed through recombination of two oxazine radicals, which led to the formation of oxazine dye cation and oxazine anion pair. At the present time direct electron transfer between two oxazine radicals cannot be excluded. These molecules are potential media for optical storage and other applications.

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Akiba, M., Dvornikov, A., & Rentzepis, P. M.
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  • Oxazine Dye Precursor
  • Two-photon Absorption
  • Photochemical Reaction
  • Volumetric Optical Data Storage
  • Three-dimensional
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