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  • Bearce, D. H., & Stallman, K. (2022). Immigration Attitudes and Positive Messaging: Evidence From the United States. AMERICAN POLITICS RESEARCH. 1532673x2210782-1532673X2210782.
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  • Bearce, D. H., & Roosevelt, M. (2022). The variation in firm lobbying by political regime: can it explain trade and currency policy differences?. POLITICAL SCIENCE RESEARCH AND METHODS. 11(1), 95-109.
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  • Bearce, D. H., & Connell, B. J. (2021). Government compensation and citizen support for immigration openness. ECONOMICS & POLITICS.
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  • Bearce, D. H., & Moya, S. L. (2020). Why is the Mass Public Not More Supportive of Free Trade? Evidence from the United States. International Studies Quarterly. 64(2), 380-391.
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  • Bearce, D. H., & Velasco-Guachalla, V. X. (2019). How Can We Explain Regime Type Differences If Citizens Don't Vote Based on Foreign Economic Policy?. Foreign Policy Analysis. 16(3), 492-503.
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  • Bearce, D. H. (2021). Foreign Economic Policy. Pevehouse, J., & Seabrooke, L. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy. 0. Oxford University Press (OUP).
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  • Bearce, D. H. (2014). Domestic institutions and exchange rates. Handbook of the International Political Economy of Monetary Relations. 185-200. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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  • Bearce, D. (2013). EMU: The Last Stand for the Policy Convergence Hypothesis. Enderlein, H., & Verdun, A. (Eds.), EMU and Political Science What Have We Learned?. Routledge.
  • Bearce, D., & Tirone, D. C. (2013). Foreign Aid Effectiveness and the Strategic Goals of Donor Governments. Milner, H. V., & Tingley, D. (Eds.), Geopolitics of Foreign Aid, Volume 1. 460-474. Edward Elgar.
  • Mansfield, E. D., Pevehouse, J. C., & Bearce, D. (2008). Preferential Trading Arrangements and Military Disputes. Martin, L. (Eds.), Global Governance (The Library of Essays in International Relations). 75-101. Ashgate.
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  • Finkel, S. E., Rodriquez-Zepeda, J., Surzhko-Harned, L., Lin, A. P., & Bearce, D. H. (2010). Has Aid for Trade Increased Recipient Exports? The Impact of US AfT Allocations 1999-2008.
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