A Closed-Loop Dual-Modulation Multi-Spectral Polarimeter for Glucose Monitoring | Conference Paper individual record

2016 SPIE. Optical polarimetry is a promising noninvasive means of assessing glucose concentration in the aqueous humor of the eye. One the major limiting factors is time-varying cornea birefringence due to motion artifact, which prevents the realization of this device. In this study, we simultaneously utilize laser intensity modulation and Faraday polarization rotation modulation for a real-time closed-loop multi-spectral polarimeter for glucose monitoring in vitro. In this report, a real-time closed-loop dual-modulation dual-spectral polarimeter was presented and in vitro glucose measurements were performed demonstrating the accuracy and repeatability of this polarimeter.

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Yu, Z. F., Pirnstill, C. W., & Cote, G. L.
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  • Multi-spectral Polarimeter
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Dual Modulation
  • Optical Polarimetry
  • Motion Artifact
  • Diabetes
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