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Currently, working as a post doc and investigating causes of peripheral neuropathy on mice models of one carbon metabolism and diabetes Also, my research focusses on the fate of uracil

accumulation in DNA. Previously I have received in depth training on directed evolution, protein purification, high throughput assay design and chemoenzymatic synthesis.

selected publications
Academic Articles8
  • Gupta, I., Chakraborty, J., Roy, S., Farinas, E. T., & Mitra, S. (2022). Synergistic Effects of Microwave Radiation and Nanocarbon Immobilized Membranes in the Generation of Bacteria-Free Water via Membrane Distillation. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH. 61(3), 1453-1463.
  • Chakraborty, J., Nemeria, N., Shim, Y., Zhang, X. u., Guevara, E. L., Patel, H., Farinas, E. T., & Jordan, F. (2022). Engineering the 2-Oxoglutarate Dehydrogenase Complex to Understand Catalysis and Alter Substrate Recognition. Reactions. 3(1), 139-159.
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  • Gupta, I., Chakraborty, J., Roy, S., Farinas, E. T., & Mitra, S. (2021). Nanocarbon immobilized membranes for generating bacteria and endotoxin free water via membrane distillation. SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY. 259, 118133-118133.
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  • Al-Amin, A., Parvin, F., Chakraborty, J., & Kim, Y. (2021). Cyanobacteria mediated heavy metal removal: a review on mechanism, biosynthesis, and removal capability. Environmental Technology Reviews. 10(1), 44-57.
  • Chakraborty, J., & Stover, P. J. (2020). Deoxyuracil in DNA in health and disease.. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 23(4), 247-252.
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  • Jordan, F., Nemeria, N. S., Balakrishnan, A., Chakraborty, J., Guevara, E., Nareddy, P., ... Zhou, J. (2020). 4.05 An Update on Developments in the Field of Thiamin Diphosphate-Dependent Enzymes. Comprehensive Natural Products III. 58-110. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers1
  • Chakraborty, J., Nemeria, N., Farinas, E., & Jordan, F (2018). Catalysis of transthioacylation in the active centers of dihydrolipoamide acyltransacetylase components of 2-oxo acid dehydrogenase complexes: A reassessment of mechanism. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 255,
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