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The LUX Experiment | Conference Paper individual record

© 2015 The Authors. We present the status and prospects of the LUX experiment, which employs approximately 300 kg of two-phase xenon to search for WIMP dark matter interactions. The LUX detector was commissioned at the surface laboratory of the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, SD, between December 2011 and February 2012 and the detector has been operating underground since January, 2013. These proceedings review the results of the commissioning run as well as the status of underground data-taking through the summer of 2013.

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Akerib, D. S., Araujo, H. M., Bai, X., Bailey, A. J., Balajthy, J., Bernard, E., ... Zhang, C.
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Elsevier bv Publisher
  • Liquid Xenon DetectorsDark MatterWimpDirect Detection