Women in industrial distribution: Emerging opportunities and challenges for female college graduates | Conference Paper individual record

© American Society for Engineering Education, 2016. Industrial Distribution is a multi-billion dollar industry domestically. An issue within the industrial distribution industry is a relatively disproportionate number of male to female workers; less than 25% of the employed workforce is made up of female employees. This ratio is disparate from US total female workforce participation of 57% [15]. The purpose of this study is to understand male and female perceptions from industry professionals as it relates to female gender challenges and opportunities within Industrial Distribution. A survey instrument was used across a variety of Industrial Distribution trade verticals to provide qualitative data. Analysis of the data generated by the survey is designed to contribute to a collective understanding of opportunities and challenges that exist for females currently engaged in or looking to approach a career in industrial distribution.

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Copeland, A., & Natarajarathinam, M.
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