How to structure an internship that is great for the intern and the manager? | Conference Paper individual record

Internships are a great opportunity for students and companies to assess each other before making a committement to a full time job. However, this goal can be only be achieved if the internship is effective both for the company and students. Companies often criticize that the student did not achieve the objectives with which he/she was hired for the internship. Students are dissatisfied many times with their internship experience. Th authors believe it is due to a basic disconnect in communucation and expectations between these two parties. The authors have discussed with companies and surveyed students to see what the causes of this issue are and how effective internships can be structured.The authors identify that the students are focused on getting a good training during their internship even if the internship is extremely challenging. The authors also provide details on how to structure an internship to satisfy the needs of the student and the companies. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2014.

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Rangan, S., Natarajarathinam, M., & ASEE, ..
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