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My research spans the spectrum of theory, algorithms, and software development in the area of sparse matrix and graph algorithms. I'm not just interested in creating new methods and software prototypes to demonstrate those methods. I pursue the code further to produce better-than-commercial-quality software that embodies these new methods. Twelve of my codes appear as Collected Algorithms of the ACM, where they undergo rigorous peer-review testing for their research contributions and software quality.

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  • Davis, T. A. (2010). MATLAB Primer, Eighth Edition. CRC Press.
  • Davis, T. A. (2006). Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems. SIAM.
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  • Sahni, S., Davis, T., Rajasekeran, S., & Ranka, S. (2000). Foreword.
  • Hager, W. W., Park, S. C., & Davis, T. A. (2000). Block Exchange in Graph Partitioning. Pardalos, P. M. (Eds.), Approximation and Complexity in Numerical Optimization. (pp. 298-307). Springer Us.
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