Dispersion measurements using time-of-flight remote detection MRI | Conference Paper individual record

Remote detection nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging can be used to study fluid flow and dispersion in a porous medium from a purely Eulerian point of view (i.e., in a laboratory frame of reference). Information about fluid displacement is obtained on a macroscopic scale in a long-time regime, while local velocity distributions are averaged out. It is shown how these experiments can be described using the common flow propagator formalism and how experimental data can be analyzed to obtain effective porosity, flow velocity inside the porous medium, fluid dispersion and flow tracing of fluid.

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Granwehr, J., Harel, E., Hilty, C., Garcia, S., Chavez, L., Pines, A., Sen, P. N., & Song, Y.
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Elsevier BV Publisher
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  • Remote Detection
  • Time Of Flight
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Imaging
  • Flow
  • Dispersion
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