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Dairy production medicine, mastitis prevention and control, and quality milk production; pharmacokinetics in exotic and food animals and drug residue prevention; vaccine investigation; viral diseases of sheep, goats, and birds.

selected publications
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  • Stewart, W. C., Whitney, T. R., Scholljegerdes, E. J., Waldron, D. F., Walker, J. W., Adams, R. P., & Musser, J. (2019). Ruminal fermentation characteristics of goats selectively bred to have greater consumption of juniper foliage. Animal Feed Science and Technology. 256, 114240-114240.
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  • Ratliff, C., Gentry, J., Kusmierczyk, J., Hartke, K. M., Acierno, M. J., Musser, J., Russell, K. E., & Heatley, J. J. (2017). Venous Blood Gas, Electrolyte, and Hematologic Analytes of the Mottled Duck, Anas fulvigula.. J Wildl Dis. 53(1), 159-164.
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  • Musser, J., Heatley, J. J., Koinis, A. V., Suchodolski, P. F., Guo, J., Escandon, P., & Tizard, I. R. (2015). Ribavirin Inhibits Parrot Bornavirus 4 Replication in Cell Culture.. PLoS One. 10(7), e0134080-e0134080.
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