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Dr. Sanders teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in animal breeding and conducts research in beef cattle genetics and breeding. His research has included systems analysis of beef cattle production, comparisons of cattle breeds for birth, growth, carcass and cow productivity traits, evaluation of genetic change within cattle breeds, evaluation of hybrid vigor retention in Bos indicus/Bos taurus crossbred cattle, identification of genes with major effects on birth, growth, carcass, disposition, and cow productivity traits in beef cattle, and genetic history of the Brahman breed.

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  • Baker, E. C., Herring, A. D., Amen, T. S., Sawyer, J. E., Sanders, J. O., Gill, C. A., Riggs, P. K., & Riley, D. G (2022). Evaluation of Post-weaning Efficiency in Nellore-Angus Crossbred Steers through Model Predicted Residual Consumption. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 11(2), 46-46.
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  • Vaughn, R. N., Kochan, K. J., Torres, A. K., Du, M., Riley, D. G., Gill, C. A., ... Riggs, P. K (2022). Skeletal Muscle Expression of Actinin-3 (ACTN3) in Relation to Feed Efficiency Phenotype of F2Bos indicus - Bos taurus Steers. Frontiers in Genetics. 13, 796038.
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  • Riley, D. G., Mantilla-Rojas, C., Miller, R. K., Nicholson, K. L., Gill, C. A., Herring, A. D., ... Sanders, J. O (2020). Genome association of carcass and palatability traits from Bos indicus-Bos taurus crossbred steers within electrical stimulation status and correspondence with steer temperament 3. Aroma and flavor attributes of cooked steaks. Livestock Science. 233, 103943-103943.
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