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Academic Articles1
  • Parke, F. I (2005). Lower cost spatially immersive visualization for human environments. Landscape and Urban Planning. 73(2-3), 234-243.
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Conference Papers7
  • McNamara, A. M., Parke, F. I., Sanford, M., Broussard, G., & Kebedoux, K. (2013). Investigating spatial understanding in multi-component displays. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, SAP' 13: ACM Symposium on Applied Perception 2013. 126-126.
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  • LaFayette, C., Parke, F. I., Pierce, C. J., Nakamura, T., & Simpson, L (2008). Atta Texana Leafcutting Ant Colony: A View Underground. ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 New Tech Demos. 6:1-6:1.
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  • Parke, F. I (2007). Lower cost modular spatially innnersive visualization. Virtual Reality, Proceedings. 4563, 142-146.
  • Akleman, E., Haberl, J. S., Parke, F. I., Skaria, S., John Halstead, H., & Andrews, M. (2003). Demonstration of Multimedia Electronic Information Enhancements for a Handbook Chapter CD-ROM: Overview. ASHRAE Winter Meetings CD, Technical and Symposium Papers. 2003, 147-154.
  • Akleman, E., Haberl, J. S., Parke, F. I., Skaria, S., Halstead, H. J., & Andrews, M. (2003). Demonstration of multimedia electronic information enhancements for a handbook chapter CD-ROM: Overview. ASHRAE Transactions. 109 PART 1, 143-150.
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