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Instructional Assistant Professor

I am an Earth scientist and educator with interests in subsurface geophysics, sediment mechanics, and natural hazards. My current research focuses on slope stability, marine geohazards, and geomechanics using geophysical data. I have first-hand experience in the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of reflection seismic data.

selected publications
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  • Trehu, A. M., Tominaga, M., Lyle, M., Davenport, K., Phrampus, B. J., Favorito, J., ... Yelisetti, S. (2022). The Hidden History of the South-Central Cascadia Subduction Zone Recorded on the Juan de Fuca Plate Offshore Southwest Oregon. GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS. 23(9),
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  • Lenz, B. L., & Sawyer, D. E. (2021). Mass transport deposits in reflection seismic data offshore Oregon, USA. Basin Research. (1), 98.
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  • Lenz, B. L., Sawyer, D. E., Phrampus, B., Davenport, K., & Long, A. (2018). Seismic Imaging of Seafloor Deformation Induced by Impact from Large Submarine Landslide Blocks, Offshore Oregon. Geosciences. 9(1), 10-10.
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  • Sawyer, D. E., Reece, R. S., Gulick, S., & Lenz, B. L. (2017). Submarine landslide and tsunami hazards offshore southern Alaska: Seismic strengthening versus rapid sedimentation. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS. (16),
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