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  • Zhang, G. X., Watanabe, H., Kondev, F. G., Lane, G. J., Regan, P. H., Söderström, P. A., ... Xu, Z. Y. (2018). - and isomeric decay spectroscopy of168Dy. EPJ Web of Conferences. 178,
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  • Gamba, E. R., Lalkovski, S., Rudigier, M., Bruce, A. M., Bottoni, S., Carpenter, M. P., ... Yordanov, O. (2018). Fast-timing measurements in neutron-rich odd-mass zirconium isotopes using LaBr3:Ce detectors coupled with Gammasphere. EPJ Web of Conferences. 193, 05004-05004.
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  • Warr, N., Korten, W., ZieliÅ„ska, M., Salsac, M. D., Blanc, A., Jentschel, M., ... Tsunoda, Y. (2018). Lifetime measurement in neutron-rich A∼100 nuclei. EPJ Web of Conferences. 193, 05003-05003.
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  • Wilson, J. N., Lebois, M., Qi, L., Amador-Celdran, P., Bleuel, D., Briz, J. A., ... Zielinska, M. (2018). Studies of fission fragment yields via high-resolution γ -ray spectroscopy. EPJ Web of Conferences. 169,
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  • Seidel, D. V., Taddeo, S. S., Azcarate-Peril, M. A., Carroll, R. J., & Turner, N. D. (2017). Dried Plums Modify the Colon Luminal Metabolome in a Rat Model of Colon Carcinogenesis. The FASEB Journal. 31,
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