Smyth, Alison Michelle (2014-08). The Effects of Ozone Deposition and Dissolved Organic Matter on Manganese Speciation in the Surface Ocean. Master's Thesis. | Thesis individual record

Despite the known reactivity of ozone (O_(3)) in water and ozone's environmental importance in the atmosphere, there are relatively few studies published examining the chemistry of O_(3) in seawater. This study focused on developing a flow injection analysis (FIA) chemiluminescence system to measure Mn(II) in order to investigate the effect of O_(3) deposition to the sea surface on Mn speciation. Modifications to earlier FIA systems had to be made in order to accommodate the relatively high concentrations of Mn(II) (200 nmol/kg) in these experiments. Experiments were also conducted where seawater containing different concentrations of Mn(IV) particles and organic carbon were exposed to gas streams containing different levels of O_(3). Ozone was not found to affect the concentration of Mn(II) in seawater.

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